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Daniel H. Cook Associates, Inc. has been employed as administrator to process hospital, medical and surgical claims for our clients insured through Mutual of New York, Prudential Insurance Compuany of America, and Union Labor Life Insurance Company. We process dental, medical, surgical, hospitalization, optical and prescription claims in our office on a daily basis. In the processing of all health claims, we strictly follow coordination of benefit procedures as designated by each fund. We are familiar with the processing of Medicare claims, including Part A and B deductible, limitations of coverage and primary provisions of the law.

Because of our extensive processing experience, we are at the forefront in noticing trends, new procedures, innovative processing techniques, as well as benefits that may not only be beneficial to the membership, but also beneficial to the Fund. In the medical-surgical area we have investigated the value of the latest diagnostic tests and surgical procedures to assist the Trustees in deciding which are of value to be provided to the membership. We evaluate medical claims to protect the fund from unbundling practices, as well as performing disalbility reviews, examinations and tests to obtain accurate periods of disablitiy benefits.

For other clients, we provide limited administative services such as dental claim service administration, health claim service administration, or disability benefit administration. For those clients that have a Fund Office, that office customarily provides eligibility administration and may handle the insured benefits, and our office is involved in the administration of the self-insured benefits.

Daniel H. Cook Associates, Inc. has long been a pioneer in the field of self-funded benefits. When compared to insured benefits, those that are self-funded cost less to administer, contain no premium call-ups, have no hidden costs and allow the client to control the flow of funds and where they are invested.

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