Innovative Administration

Cook Associates has been a pioneer in the self-funded benefits field. We offer a variety of services, including self-insured medical, dental, and optical benefits, as well as recordkeeping and administration for defined-contribution and benefits plans. We have a strong track record of dealing with our diverse clientele, many of which are labor unions and their members. We pride ourselves on offering complete, personalized service for all of your benefit needs. Our industry-leading system provides total transparency and 24/7 access to all of your benefit information. We put 40 years of experience and a client-first philosophy to work for you, so you can put your trust in Cook Associates.


We implement, manage and maintain benefits, always placing the client's needs first.


We support medical, dental, vision, ancillary benefits, and claims administration.


We maintain banking hours for all employees in compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) guidelines. We also provide recordkeeping and maintain individual banking records for all employees.


We provide a user-friendly portal for employers to contribute to benefits funds, and for both business agents and employees to access their secure information.


Cook Associates has been in the Benefit Fund Administration field for four decades. We have both witnessed and participated in tremendous growth of the industry, including the extension of benefits from just a few areas to the many that are covered today. Our experience—more than 150 years among Cook Associates’ executives—ensures that you will receive the best possible coverage, thanks to the design, planning, and administration of benefits packages. That’s our expertise, and your advantage.

The most robust claim processing system in the United States

Our comprehensive system is among the most technologically advanced in the business. It provides the flexibility and automation needed to support medical, dental, vision, ancillary benefits, and claims administration, as well as defined benefit and contribution plans. Cook Associates’ extensive experience and expertise in all of these areas gives you—our clients and members—the best possible coverage and service available. Whatever your needs may be, rest assured, Cook Associates works hard to keep you covered.

Wage Parity

Though the requirements are complex, Cook Associates manages to simplify the Wage Parity Programs in New York State for our Home Care clients. We unravel the mystery behind banked hours and benefit grids, administering a complete package of benefits with the latest information to all Home Care employees and Administrators. In an effort to meet individual mandates and protect clients from Affordable Care Act (ACA) penalties, we administer qualifying Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) and Minimum Value (MV) plans. Cook Associates ensure all Home Care workers are offered the benefits they deserve.

Philip Gertler

Chairman, Wappingers Congress of Teachers Welfare Trust Fund

After 25 years with Cook Associates, we’re still going strong. They offer the utmost in professionalism, courtesy and knowledge of the industry.

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